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Without you, I feel broke. by Schn3e
Without you, I feel broke.
I can NOT describe how much he meant to me. There will be no other horse like him.
When I first saw him in 2010 I simply fell in love with those eyes and that's when our friendship began. I trained him for a couple years, just some lunging, got him used to people around him and on him, then he went to ''real backing''(his owner wanted to get him under saddle faster) where they starved and beat him for 4 months- hence the pic top right. After he came back we started all over again. So whole 2013 year went to re-training. In early 2014 we finally got our bond back, no more ''fights'', he was a dream to ride every single lesson. In December he went up for sale since his owner had money and here we are..
2nd January, the day I saw him for the last time.

I already posted a pic saying he's up for sale, but I never thought he'd leave that fast. Today his owner picked me up so I could show him to a person who wants to buy him. I thought she wanted to see him under saddle, so she could have some more time to decide if she wants to buy him or not. She watched him trot a few circles on a lunge line and there he went, straight on the trailer.

I will really reallllly miss this little bastard. :'(
2015 already sucks.

Pics are in order:
top left - one of his first months in our stable - autumn 2010
middle left - spring 2011
bottom left - summer 2012
top right - after he came back from the place he got starved - spring 2013
middle right - summer 2013
bottom right - autumn 2014
middle - last time riding him - 30th December
update kinda thing by Schn3e
update kinda thing
Yesss, I've been away for a while and nobody probably cares, but I just thought it would be nice to share some stuff.

1. School/living in a dorm/the main reason i'm on a hiatus -
Since I graduated Basic School(9th grade, 16yo) in June a new life began - In September I went to learn horse industry ~150kms from my home city. That means I live in a dorm full of 16-20+ yo students. Oh yes.. the dorm life. Probably the best thing that happened this year.
About school - school is nice, grades are good as always, I'll soon get scholarship which is 60€ a month + I get 40€ for bus tickets.. aka 100€ from school every day, feels like I'm working, but instead of working I get to sleep most of the days since the school is sooo easy, lots of horse related lessons, practical work etc.
We also get to ride in the lessons - So far I've ridden a trotter/tb cross Chiquita on a trail ride, an estonian native pony Randi in 2 lessons and a competition(placed 2nd out of 18 or so, the first place rider got to ride the course twice which is quite unfair x.x), a draft mare Hestia and an estonian native gelding Lend 007(translate Flight 007). They have looots of bad habits sadly.
AND while everyone's happy about their winter break here I am, missing all my awesome dorm friends, waiting to get back to school.

2. Stable, riding, ponypony- 
Pedro, the cute ''lil'' guy you've seen earlier and also on this picture is now up for sale. His owner just doesn't have enough money to keep him(40€ for the stall and practically no vet bills? woah why did you buy a horse in the first place). Just as I started to enjoy riding with him he's being taken away soon.. he'll probably get sold to Finland since some people have shown interest already. He's nice. love him. 
Right now I'm just trying to ride and see him as much as possible and enjoy every moment with him. For an example, today we had a little lesson, then introduced him to a sledge and made some kids happy, driving them around(lol i don't even know the word for that, pardon me). Later me & my friend went on a little trail ride - she was on the sledge and I was on my ponyyy. 
Here's another pic:…

or well.. russians have their christmas on 7th january so I guess it's not THAT late.
AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR..which soon will come. maybe.

I'll get my own laptop in a few days and school starts on 5th so.. yeah I don't know. Maybe I will draw anything but you know me, 99% chance I won't since I just don't have time. If I'm not riding, I'm probably a) eating b) sleeping c) watching vampire diaries d) having difficult times trying to think who I like more, Stefan or Damon. e) AT THE DORM WITH EPIC PEOPLE DOING ..:happybounce: 

...some stuff.
Pedroo by Schn3e
maybe I'll draw one day.. I'm quite busy reading fanfics and riding you know. Dx

But here.. a few pics of today, we were both quite rusty since the pony had a 1,5 week break(caused by another ill horse & stable under quarantine).

(wow this pic reminds me i gotta trim his mane & tail)


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Kristi K.
Artist | Student | Varied
*Rides with a chestnut horsieee called Pedro(Port Artur III, 2009) - jump, wannabe dressage, hack, race other horses, swim, all that stuff.
*Tumblr obsessed
*Slightly Instagram-obsessed
*My life mission is to kill all the spiders I see(if I'm brave enough)
*I don't trace/grid or do anything like that.
*Started drawing more ''seriously'' 4 years ago - aka when I got my tablet.
*90% estonian + 10% russian
*Skype - Schn.-

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